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Fast, efficient onboarding

Get workers onboard faster.

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WorkReady onboarding processes deliver a verified workforce by:

WorkReady.jobs - be more efficient

Increasing the speed and efficiency of onboarding

WorkReady processes are tools to help you get ready for a position sooner. Employers and recruiters will be able to process credentials faster, meaning applicants can start work sooner.

WorkReady.jobs - be smarter

For Workers: Simplifying the storage and use of your credentials

Upload and verify your credentials through your first WorkReady process, and store them to pre-populate your next process, saving you time and money.

WorkReady.jobs - be compliant

Increasing time spent on face-to-face screening

WorkReady shifts the administrative tasks of collecting credentials from the organisation onto the individual, letting you get more out of screening and interviewing.

WorkReady.jobs - be faster

Reducing paperwork and admin

Lighten large portions of the administrative load by letting WorkReady collate, verify, store and monitor candidate credentials for you. You can then focus on making your screening and interviewing processes more robust.

WorkReady.jobs - be compliant

Reducing the risk of employing the wrong person

Ensure the compliance of your workforce by showing that your workers' credentials are verified and valid. Screen your candidates faster by letting WorkReady first verify their credentials.

WorkReady processes are step-by-step tools for uploading and verifying credentials.

A better tool for workers

Be ready for positions before they are even advertised with WorkReady. Through each process, you are able to upload current credentials that required to apply for real-world positions, add credentials you don't already have, and verify them all to make applying for your next position faster and smarter.

A streamlined solution for organisations

Organisations can utilise prebuilt WorkReady processes to get candidates ready for work faster, or can request their own customised WorkReady stack designed to integrate seamlessly into their current recruitment processes. Ensure a compliant workforce, spend less time and cost spent on administration, and focus more on recruiting the right people with WorkReady.

WorkReady gives organisations access to cutting-edge technology designed to streamline onboarding processes.

Customised for your organisation

Create your own customised WorkReady processes fit the HR and compliance requirements of your organisation, through our easy-to-use WorkReady Builder. 

Faster, smarter processes

Quickly access your own pool of work-ready, verified candidates for faster recruitment. Anticipate your client's needs by sending applicants to your own customised WorkReady processes.

Low-cost compliance

WorkReady processes capture, verify and store the credentials of your workforce. Demonstrate regulatory and organisational compliance with much less time and cost.

Efficient and effective

WorkReady processes release HR personnel and recruiters to focus on the "soft skills" of recruitment. Reduce your administrative workload and demonstrate compliance faster and smarter.

Our Verifications

Across the TikForce Platform, we verify a large range of credentials, all of which are available through our WorkReady processes.

View our list of verifications types